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Celebration for the end of the year

Dear parents,

In 2015, our school will celebrate the end of the year TWICE !

A first show will take place on Friday the 11th of december at 6:30pm. All the students will be gathered around a few songs, an exhibition and the collect of products meant to support the Association française d’entraide in Greece.

A second show, totally devoted to music, will take place on Sunday the 13th of December at 6:00pm. It will be an occasion to discover the work led by Mr Gourdier with the school choir which includes all our students.

We are looking forward to meeting you on those occasions and thank you in advance for your attendance.

Best regards,

Alexandrine BOUFFLERS
School headmistress


Parent-teacher conference


Dear parents,


I have the pleasure to invite you to the meeting between teachers and parents of the French School of Thessaloniki.
Nursery & Primary School: on Thursday 24th September at 6.00 pm in the Nehama meeting room (2nd floor).
Junior & Senior High School: on Thursday 1st October at 6.00 pm in the Nehama meeting room (2nd floor).
After a short general presentation, you will have the opportunity to meet your children's school teachers in their classrooms.
Best regards
Alexandrine Boufflers,
French School of Thessaloniki



State tax "paravolo"

Dear Sir or Madam,
According to law N4336/2015, the compulsory, private education state tax “paravolo” has been abolished.    This measure was confirmed by the Government Revenue Secretariat through a circular issued 03/09/2015.   Therefore, the amount of   € 60 which was initially included in the charges for the first- term tuition fees will no longer be added to future bills.
Those families who have already settled their payments of the above-mentioned fees will receive reimbursement of 60 Euros as soon as possible.
The Administration of the French School of Thessaloniki    

Information about VAT in school fees

Dear Parents,
This is to inform you that the notice # 1199/2015, dated 2 / 9 /2015, was publicized on the 7 / 9/ 2015.
In accordance with this notice, the implementation date of the new value added tax on private education has been postponed to October 16th.  Therefore, a decision from the Greek authorities in charge of determining the particular state of the French School in Thessaloniki with respect to this matter (in view of its non-profitable stance) will be taken on the above date. 
Thus, the tuition fees established by the French School as announced last spring remain the same.
Best regards,
The French School Administration

Association française d’Entraide

Dear parents,
The Association française d’Entraide would like to thank warmly the parents and the pupils for their generous contributions during the Solidarity Week held at the French school of Thessaloniki.

We raised nearly 80 kilos of food and 18 kilos of hygiene and cleaning products.

Your donations will allow to help families facing difficulties.


Kind regards,
Patrick Jouin
Head of French School of Thessaloniki


The French School of Thessaloniki : Registration 2015-2016 is currently in session!!!


The FST is the only French School (applying the French educational system) in Northern Greece. It belongs to a vast, global network of educational institutions accessible to children of all nationalities from the ages of 2 ½ to 18.
Well established and centrally located in the heart of Thessaloniki , the School is open to both the Greek culture and the world at large, steadfast to its motto of “2 cultures, 3 languages.” With French as the primary language of instruction, the Greek language is taught from the age of 2 ½ , followed by English, which is introduced at the age of 5.
The French School applies excellent pedagogy based on learner competences and skills.

For further information : 2310 821 231 inter 118 ( / mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)



School access

Dear parents,
As announced in a previous message, the School will be again accessible, for entering and leaving, via the main entrance on Leoforos Stratou from Wednesday 17th September onwards.
For 2014-2015, the school opening hours will be as follows :

MLF novels contest

The winning novels of the 2013 MLF contest were handed to the secondary classes of the French School of Thessaloniki. Here are some pictures of the Seconde class.

concoursmlf concoursmlf2 concoursmlf3


New visual

New visual and informative brochure on Thessaloniki's French primary school, secondary and high school, out soon !



Partnership with MuCEM Museum of European and Mediterranean civilizations

The French School of Thessaloniki (secondary section) initiates in 2014 an official partnership with the MuCEM and two other Mediterranean schools ! To be continued !



French School of Thessaloniki


The French School of Thessaloniki has been offering excellent education to students from Greece and others coming from the world at large since 1906.

Starting from the age of 3 up to their final year of graduation, our students are exposed to a unique trilingual and multicultural environment, which allows them to broaden their horizons and flourish. Teaching is in French, Greek and English. As our students eventually continue their studies in the Greek, French and even British or American educational systems, it is to their advantage that they receive an education recognized at an international level. This ensures the children that we are entrusted with not just the benefit of choice in their future studies, but in their lives as European and world citizens as well.